We prioritise sustainability as a crucial aspect of our operations. Our strategy centres around the following areas:

  • Understanding the sites we operate in
  • Investing in a comprehensive engagement strategy
  • Balancing our service delivery with our passion for sustainability
  • Continual improvement through data capture and analysis

Cirka continually works to reduce our impact on the surrounding environment through our operations and supply chain.

Know more about our Sustainability Action Plan here:

Waste Management

Cirka uses the guiding Hierarchy of waste and the circular economy model to reduce the total waste and increase our diversion rate from landfill. Our focus is working with our clients, suppliers, and contractors to deliver a shared outcome for all parties.

Our integrated waste management focuses on:

  • Education – educating all stakeholders through training and a comprehensive engagement strategy
  • Waste segregation – understanding the site and having the suitable systems and infrastructure in place to source and separate the waste
  • Waste minimisation – eliminating potential waste and moving towards more sustainable options.

Watch this video to discover how we collaborate with The Waste Network, Planet Recovery, and Re.Group to effectively manage waste during major events like the Spring Race Carnival.