We offer a full range of managed services, including general office cleaning, waste management, carpet maintenance, window cleaning and provision of consumables, in addition to specialised services, such as maintenance, hygiene and ground services as required. Each element can be offered as part of an overall cleaning package or as a standalone solution.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning is at the core of our business. Over the last thirty-five years, we have established ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy cleaning service provider with a solid national and international presence. We are committed to providing superior presentation standards and excellence in all our services, which has earned us a positive reputation within the industry. Our ability to deliver high-quality cleaning services has made us a trusted partner in the industry.

Waste Management Services

We provide an effective waste management system that simultaneously saves money and reduces landfill waste. Our strategy centres around reducing pollution and protecting the environment. We do this by enhancing waste separation and increasing landfill diversion. Our end-to-end goal ensures we track our waste at every step of the way. We utilise programs such as Planet Recovery to ensure that our waste is segregated correctly and thus guarantee that everything that can be recycled is recycled.

Ground Maintenance

Cirka offers complete ground maintenance services including Lawn care, Irrigation, Gardening and Exterior cleaning. Our ground maintenance services will both improve the appearance of your property and elevate the user experience of your asset.


Our porterage services ensure that client belongings are packed and moved safely from one place to another. We own a fleet of vehicles that are equipped to handle any size load, ensuring that your goods arrive safely and on time. We also offer e-waste removal services. These include collection, transport, and disposal, ensuring that electronic waste is disposed of in an environmentally conscious manner.

Pest Control

At Cirka, we understand that having pests on your property can risk the health of your workers and customers if not controlled quickly. With our advanced techniques and commitment to safety, you can trust that your premises will be a pest-free space.


Cirka offers a full suite of in-house hygiene services. Our end-to-end service means your asset provides a hygienic space for tenants, customers, and visitors to enjoy.