International Women’s Day 2023

We recognise and applaud the impact of women both globally and within our organisation. Although there is still much work to do, at Cirka, we are committed and working to build a fairer workplace with a diverse and inclusive workforce, embracing equity.

Equity acknowledges that each person has different circumstances. Instead of being given the same resources or opportunities as equality suggests, we need to #EmbraceEquity and allocate the exact resources and opportunities required for each individual to reach an equal outcome.

Equity is a must-have in every organisation, and an emphasis on gender equity needs to be part of its core. Therefore, we want to share the visions of some of our top women executives about gender equity in the workplace.

Rebecca Bond, Executive Director – Growth & Markets

This topic is really important to me as a mother of 5 children. I want my daughters and son to grow up in an inclusive world where everyone is valued.

I think that we as a society have come a long way in making the workplace an equal environment for women. This has certainly always been my experience since I have been working at Cirka. We have a strong commitment to Equal Employment Opportunities, and we have many talented female leaders throughout the business.

Kate Smith, Executive General Manager – People & HSQE

Shifting the conversation from equality to equity is very important in recognising that equal treatment and approach may not necessarily deliver equal opportunity; in developing processes, especially in the P&C space, we need to apply the lens of equity for women to have equal opportunity to grow, develop, progress and contribute.

To apply this lens, Cirka is focusing on the following strategies:

  • Educating the wider business on equity and understanding unconscious biases
  • Continuing to manage the gender pay gap
  • Getting ideas and feedback from the women in our business on what we can do to level the playing field of opportunity
  • Amal Bailey, General manager – Strategic Development

    As a mature woman whose career has been in large male-dominated organisations, I embrace the change for equity in the workplace for all women. I have raised my adult daughters to be strong and use their voices to enable them to be heard professionally and respected.

    I believe that change is happening at a slower speed than it should be, particularly in large organisations, however, at Cirka I have embraced and welcomed the equity and equality of women in your workplace. I look forward to the opportunity to further develop and mentor the future of young professional women at Cirka.

    The infographic below demonstrates our most recent WGEA results: