We have implemented a robust COVID-19 cleaning program, developed in consultation with our specialist chemical and equipment partners and following advice from the Department of Health and the ISSA.

Covid-19 Products

We can supply consumables, including sanitisers and dispenser units and will customise cleaning solutions for any requirements. We are also an official service provider of Zoono. For any further information, please get in touch with our team at or 1800 001 145.

Cirka’s COVID – 19 response capability has been proven through specific disinfecting cleans for our existing clients, in addition to specialised cleaning requests from new clients. We have recently been awarded a place on the NSW Government’s panel for the Department of Education future works program, approving Cirka to undertake COVID -19 cleans within schools.

While a Global Pandemic is an unprecedented situation for the cleaning industry to manage, Cirka has been well positioned to develop our program by drawing on the extensive operational experience of our management team, world’s best practice from our UK division, guidance from the Australian Government Department of Health and the ISSA (worldwide cleaning industry association), in addition to counsel from our key chemical and equipment partners. Cirka’s program effectiveness has been compounded by our hardworking staff throughout the nation.

Preparedness Plan

Cirka developed and communicated a detailed Preparedness Plan for business continuity which details our strategy for each of the following key areas:

  • ‌Unwell team members
  • Identification of critical employee groups
  • Travel guidelines
  • Communication
  • Working from home systems
  • Management of critical supplies
  • Agreed sources of truth
  • Infection control risk assessment
  • Business continuity planning

COVIDSafe Plan

We have written and disseminated a COVIDSafe Plan to protect our staff, clients and members of the general public. The plan outlines our strategy for the following key areas:

  • Hygiene and face coverings
  • Cleaning protocols
  • Physical distancing and limiting workplace attendance
  • Record Keeping
  • Response to a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case in the workplace


Cirka have developed cleaning methodologies for preventative cleans, suspected cases and confirmed cases and we have based our respective scopes on the Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Principles of COVID – 19 released by the Department of Health. In the instance of a confirmed case, the recommended process is to undertake 2 steps involving cleaning all areas and disinfecting all areas however Cirka adds a 3rd step with a final wipe down.


We have been conducting weekly toolbox meetings at site level for our cleaning team since the start of the pandemic, for education and training on specialist methods for cleaning and protection as well as site specific requirements. Additionally our national management team are having ongoing teleconferences encouraging the sharing of ideas and best practice, and facilitating an awareness and immediate response to developments as they arise.

We have created specialist cleaning teams by region who have received additional training and management for responding to suspected or confirmed cases of COVID – 19. These teams understand and are now experienced with the use of personal protective equipment as well as the specific chemicals, equipment and cleaning methods Cirka have employed to respond to the situation.


Cirka have been using the appropriate chemicals for each stage of the cleaning process as advised by our specialist chemical suppliers and the Department of Health.

All chemicals have been approved by the Australian Government’s Department of Health Therapeutic Goods Administration.

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We can supply consumables including sanitisers and dispenser units and will customise cleaning solutions for any requirements. We are also an official service provider of Zoono. For any further information, please contact our team on or 1800 001 145.