International Women’s Day 2024

Inclusion and diversity are crucial aspects of any work environment. Ensuring that the workplace remains safe and welcoming for all employees requires constant attention and dedicated effort.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme, #InspireInclusion, asks us to consider the intricacies and connectedness of each part of a woman’s identity and question how they shape her experiences in life. To ensure women are truly included in the workplace means that we must embrace the diversity of women, including their race, faith, age, ability, and gender identity.

To help #InspireInclusion, Cirka has showcased the stories of three diverse women in our company. We recognise that different perspectives and experiences are invaluable to our company, and we truly believe that inclusion in the workplace only leads to a more innovative, productive, and successful business. We are committed to fostering an environment where all women feel valued and respected and where diverse voices are heard and amplified by providing access to career development and progression programs.

Read about their individual experiences below: 

Diana Hernandez – Site Manager

Being a full-time mother and site manager has presented Diana with unique challenges as a woman. With extra responsibilities in her home and the workplace, balancing her personal and work life requires careful attention. Diana finds some difficulty in prioritising time for personal activities like going to the gym and reading.

However, Diana has found that her expectations of treatment and work opportunities have been met. She believes that Cirka has provided her with a supportive and stable work environment, programs, training, and opportunities that match her strong ambitions and aspirations for herself and her career.

 Helen Kostakis – Client Service Manager

With over thirty years of experience in the facilities industry, Helen is an expert in her field. Being Client Services Manager at the Melbourne Arts Centre since 2009 with Cirka means that Helen demands the highest quality of work from her staff, ensuring that all operations under her watch run smoothly.

For Helen, respect is the most important thing in her professional career. As a woman, she believes that all people, including clients and staff, must be treated with an equal amount of respect. The service that Helen provides to her clients is incredibly important to her, and therefore, being provided with recognition and support from Cirka’s management ensures that her quality of work remains at the highest standard.  

Claudia Cepeda – HSQE Coordinator

In her career as an Environmental Engineer, Claudia was often surrounded by men in the workplace but with increased access to education and career opportunities, more women have been able to enter diverse careers.

At times, Claudia has struggled to have her voice heard, with loud, masculine voices often dominating the conversation. However, Claudia has found that different styles of leadership are now being recognised, and a loud voice is no longer required to create influence in a company.

Claudia firmly believes in equal treatment for all, regardless of gender, and recognises the significance of women in leadership positions. She believes that having more women in management roles will ultimately lead to greater inclusion for women in a company.  

Women's Day Infographic